Distance Recording

So last weekend marked a first for me, which I know has actually been common recently. With Ris’s move to Minnesota, I had to start learning how to piece the podcast together after a remote record, rather than just going to her house to record. Now this is something that’s been past due to figure … More Distance Recording

Church Depression

I grew up with a lot of woo in our house. My mother had shelves of essential oils, each with their own properties and purposes, so any time we’d get sick we’d be stinking from different oils that were supposed to fix our current problem. We rarely went to the doctor’s office (not even for … More Church Depression

Learning to Cope

My recent diagnosis of anxiety and depression led to calming exercises and the start of a thought journal. For the latter, I have categories I need to break them down into. Activating event, Belief/thought, Consequence (emotional and behavioral), and Dispute with evidence/rationality. My therapist said that at first it would be difficult and to do … More Learning to Cope

Raised to Fail?

First, I feel I should apologize for my failure to post anything on the blog last couple weeks, or anything with the podcast at all this month. It’s been busy, disorganized, and I’ve had touches of feeling overwhelmed with regular life, not to mention try to keep up on these extra-curriculars. Add that to my … More Raised to Fail?

I Guest It!

This last weekend was ReasonCon down in Hickory, NC, and as much as I wanted to go, I just wasn’t in a place to do that this year. So while my podcasting cohost was off to have an awesome time, that left me to my own devices. And one of those devices was….. I was … More I Guest It!

Religious Motivation

I remember a key turning point in the way I viewed church attendance was when I was in high school, and my sister’s boyfriend asked me why I go to church. My reply was, “Because my parents make us go.” My sister later questioned that, asking if I would stay home if given the choice, … More Religious Motivation

Follow the Prophet

“Follow the Prophet, Follow the Prophet, Follow the Prophet, he knows the way!” In Mormon culture, they’re obsessed with the “Prophet,” a.k.a. the church president. It’s something that they love to go on about, saying that it’s one of the testaments that they’re the one true church because they have a prophet like in bible … More Follow the Prophet