Search for Community

There’s a need that we have as members of the human race—even those of us who are introverts. Community. Interaction with other people is so important and is the reason that religious people like to say that those who attend church live longer than those who don’t.

While talking with my therapist, one thing she asked during my first visit was about friends. One more thing that had me breaking down crying. Even in El Paso before I moved I didn’t have many that I would consider friends, only a couple that I would think of as close ones. Now, uprooted and transplanted across the country it’s even less. I go to work and go home. There’s no socialization with the exception of chatting with the ladies at Turkey Hill as I get coffee.

I’d looked at groups on Meetup before, when thinking of joining a writing group. I may still do that, but my current priority has been finding other nonbelievers. When I talked to Bryce on my podcast, he asked about that and I expressed how isolated I felt. Alone in a sea of red, surrounded by everything that’s become wrong with the Republican party and unable to talk to anyone about my thoughts and what I’m going through.

Then the most unexpected thing happened. Someone who had heard me on Bryce’s show sent me a message on my blog’s Facebook page. The essence was: you’re not alone. He and I have had a couple of nice chats across messenger now, and he has agreed to come on the show to talk about his own experience as an ex-Mo.

This has refreshed my desire to find a local community, so I double checked the Meetup app and found that while the Chambersburg meeting (the most convenient one for location) isn’t possible with my work schedule, there is one on a Saturday. It’s closer to an hour and a half away, but it’s a start.


2 thoughts on “Search for Community

  1. YAY!! I’m super glad you’re meeting some people. It’s super hard to be alone and feel alone all the time. 😦 I’ll take a drive up to Pennsylvania sometime to see you for sure! You’ve definitely got a friend in me.


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