Conversations with Bryce

This weekend was truly remarkable. Friday, I got to record not just one, but two episodes for the podcast with Bryce Blankenagel of the Naked Mormonism podcast. For those who don’t know, he does a serial history podcast about the Mormon church in a way that I am completely in awe of. He gets into the details of it in a way that I never imagined, though given that I was raised believing that Joseph Smith was on the up and up, it was hard to believe that there was anything as crazy as what’s been documented about him.

I was touched by how caring he was about my transition away from the church. He asked how it has been recently, have I found a community yet to belong to. When I talked about my “dark times” in the past, I could feel the concern he expressed across the time zones, and he let me know that the atheist community that he’s gotten to know are very worth the effort to become involved with.

What he did after we quit recording, though, will always stick with me as such an act of kindness that I certainly wasn’t expecting from a guest that was only going to be on the show for an hour. He called me up on a Google Hangout and walked me through the editing process. Add this track here, use this button to drag the second track over, click this to merge them.

And all he asked for the couple hours of help he gave (my computer was lagging due to what we now believe to be a failing hard drive) is for me to pay it forward and pass this audio editing knowledge on to the next rookie podcaster. I then spent nearly all of Saturday (no exaggeration) trimming out the dead air and ums that help tighten up the conversation. Despite the many minutes spent waiting for my computer to stop its (Not Responding) status, which it always did when importing audio and sometimes while cutting, I had fun doing it.

He said when explaining it all to me that there’s a sharp learning curve, and he’s right. It only took the one time going through it before I was completely comfortable doing the next episode on my own with no fear that I was going to screw something up and ruin the audio and lose the episode. So now Audacity no longer scares me.

And for that, I’m eternally grateful.


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