Distance Recording

So last weekend marked a first for me, which I know has actually been common recently. With Ris’s move to Minnesota, I had to start learning how to piece the podcast together after a remote record, rather than just going to her house to record.

Now this is something that’s been past due to figure out, but I’ve been scared to tinker around with it without direction. I’ve wanted to get guests but I’ve been worried that I would screw it up somehow, and I didn’t want to do that so going through this with a normal episode was a great confidence builder for me.

I also got the first glitch out of the way when I couldn’t download the complete file of Ris’s audio track. Luckily, she was able to send me the entirety of her side of the conversation and I was able to put the episode together without a hitch after that.

This is a big thing for me, as it has given me the confidence that I can have guests on, even if Ris won’t be able to record. I still have a lot of anxiety about recording in general, but I think that I’ll gradually be able to conquer that fear. With that being said, I’ve sent off a couple of guest invites to a couple of people within the atheist podcast community. (I then wonder, how often is it acceptable for me to email them when I haven’t heard back? Thoughts?)

I know it’ll be a long time before I can do any sort of fancy editing of the audio stream, but to be honest I haven’t much need for that. However, if I learn that, I doubt I’ll be as intimidated by the audio editing as I am now, when I don’t know hardly at all what I’m doing. The learning curve should be happening with time, and I got my first guest invite on a podcast that I’ve never heard of! That will be fun. I’ll definitely let you know more details once it’s recorded and they publish it.

As readers of my blog, I ask you, are there any subjects that you’d like to see discussed? Any that you’d like to hear on the podcast, or any guests that you’d be interested in me contacting to appear on the show? Drop a comment or email, and I’ll do my best to get in contact with people.


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