I Guest It!

This last weekend was ReasonCon down in Hickory, NC, and as much as I wanted to go, I just wasn’t in a place to do that this year. So while my podcasting cohost was off to have an awesome time, that left me to my own devices. And one of those devices was….. I was asked to guest on another podcast.

Now this is the first time I’ve done that. I mean, I guested on Ris’s first podcast, Inciting Incident, a few times, but it was always I show up at her place and talk into the mic and go away after. I never had to do anything on my own. So with the time approaching that I was to record, one thing was clear. Ris was out of town and my dog had broke my headset, so I needed a microphone. A cheap one, but one that hopefully wasn’t super crappy.

I did a quick search on the Best Buy site, picked one that was less than $50 but still had good reviews, and left for work early the day before so I could pick it up. When I got home Thursday night, I unpacked my new Snowball iCE mic. My husband was a good sport about it and called me on skype from across the room to test the quality and make sure it was working.

I had a blast recording with Matthew and Erik of the Odd Atheist Friends Podcast. We talked religion, Mormonism, and my process of leaving the Church. I couldn’t stick around til the end of the episode with them, and closed out the Zencastr window while they finished recording. That turned out to give us all a heart attack, as it wouldn’t finalize my track without me there.

With some panic and worry that we may have to re-record the episode, I had to go back into the Zencastr conversation and save my vocal track. A little tinkering when I got off of work that night and I finally got it over to Matthew, and the episode was saved.

Even with the technical difficulties and worries that we lost the episode because I left the record early, it was fun and a great learning experience. So, if you’ve a mind to, check out Episode 3 (when it comes out) of the Odd Atheist Friends Podcast!


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