Follow the Prophet

“Follow the Prophet, Follow the Prophet, Follow the Prophet, he knows the way!”

In Mormon culture, they’re obsessed with the “Prophet,” a.k.a. the church president. It’s something that they love to go on about, saying that it’s one of the testaments that they’re the one true church because they have a prophet like in bible times so they have a direct line to god. (In fact, that first line is from a primary song taught to the children.) As I mentioned last week, they have sessions twice a year where they listen to addresses from the president, his counselors, and members of the different quorums.

The never consider that perhaps the person in charge isn’t talking to God. They’re discouraged to think about it, to consider that anything else but what they tell you could be the truth. This is the culture that they brainwash you with from birth when you’re raised in the church.

My sisters have been questioning things recently, both of them having gone different directions in their searches, but I hear form my mother frequently because of it. Am I reading my Book of Mormon. Am I going to Church. Did I watch general conference. A year or so ago it was did I believe that Thomas Monson was the prophet.

The church attendance, scripture reading, and conference watching I’m able to get by with negative answers even though that draws a sigh and a short lecture. The last one I answered noncommittally, as I didn’t know where I stood at the time, other than just not comfortable with the church as it was. I really wouldn’t want to hear that question now as I know my answer wouldn’t be as inoffensive to my parents were they to ask me now.

I supposed we shouldn’t be surprised, as cults never want anyone to question the workings of the organization and reveal the flaws within. More and more I don’t understand how people are taken in by this, just as I don’t understand how my younger sister decided that she was going to start following messianic judaism. I can hardly think of anything that more suppresses your womanhood than going that direction. (How dare you show your hair!!!)

The extent of this can be seen in a power point that was leaked to the MormonLeaks website. One image shows several different categories, as laid out by the church leadership, that members will get disfellowshipped or excommunicated for. It shows the range of things from those with a left-leaning perspective are concerned with (Ordain Women), those who are more centrist (lack of righteousness), and right-leaning (Denver Snuffer and believing the Church has lost it’s way).

Interestingly enough, it’s those last ones that have my sisters leaving the church and got my brother-in-law disfellowshipped. His big crime against the church? He shared a book called “The Second Comforter” by Denver Snuffer with another church member. Snuffer wrote this book several years before he was excommunicated, but I guess because it’s by the same guy who suggested that the “prophet” isn’t infallible it’s against the rules to read it. This attitude of knowledge suppression should be enough to make anyone question their church membership, if they still have it. Judging from when I hear from my folks however, it’s a classic case of demonizing the material and categorizing it under the division of “Anti-Mormon literature.”

And I think we can all agree that any organization that discourages questions or thinking about things isn’t a think anyone should want to associate with.


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