Mormon Politics

So this past Wednesday was International Women’s Day, and I found that it was appropriate that I was reading From Housewife to Heretic by Sonia Johnson. I’m only about halfway through at this point, but it’s been a fascinating read. It’s about how the Mormon Church decided that women shouldn’t have equal rights (no surprise there). Sonia challenged the Church as she voiced her support for the amendment and got excommunicated because of it.

Reading this has been very sobering for me, as I read about the extent of the sexism in the Church. (I’ll admit, I did laugh when she cited someone calling them the “Mormon Mafia” as I’ve done for years, though mostly joking.) Even knowing what I already knew it’s been a shock to see the extent the Church went to in order to keep women from having equal protections under the law.

Their reasoning? Because if women have equal protections, then it’s unfair to men.

That’s one of those face-palm moments where you can’t believe the stupid coming out of someone’s face. The more I read, the more I admire this woman, who was threatened and outcast by her people but continued to troll the Church so very well. I also found it very interesting that this was going on in 1979 and 80, and it makes me want to ask my parents about it, what their view was on the Church President’s official statement that the Church was anti-ERA. As with so many things, I wonder if they followed him blindly because that’s what a “good Mormon” is supposed to do, because the Church President is supposedly prophet and has a direct line to God.

The more I read, the more I’m glad that I got away from the Church and their regressive and oppressive ways. According to my mother-in-law, I may not have gotten way as cleanly as I thought. A couple days ago, while I was at work, she said she saw a “couple of well-dressed young men” on my porch, that “looked like Mormons.” So while they honored my request not to contact me while I was in the process of having my name taken off the Church records, they may be back trying to convince me that I didn’treally want to leave.

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One thought on “Mormon Politics

  1. Woah, does regressive sexism still exist in the Morman Church? Or have they mostly abandoned their stance?
    Islam is filled with sexism, and it’s put into law :/. I don’t see feminists protesting women’s issues that exist across the middle east!


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