“Sacred” or Secret?

I can’t tell you the number of times that Church leaders stressed the difference between these two. In nearly all cases, they were referring to the “ordinances” performed in the temple. To this day, the only one of these that I have any firsthand knowledge of is the “Baptisms For the Dead.” I never went through for my endowment, and as previously mentioned, I didn’t get married, aka “Sealed”, in the temple.

It’s interesting to me that I became so interested in the history of the Church after I left it, and there are things I’m learning about it now that they never spoke of in Church or Seminary. I’ve started listening to the Naked Mormonism podcast, and it’s fascinating to me. I’m only 8 episodes in and already there are things that were never spoken of in the Church. I can’t wait to reach the episodes about the temple rituals, as I was never a part of that.

I knew there had been leaked videos of them, and I watched a couple this morning that were very brief, and they were weirder than even one indoctrinated by the Church would expect. When I have a couple hours to sit down and watch more, I look forward to seeing the entire “Endowment Ceremony” which someone filmed in its long (possibly boring?) entirety. What I’ve seen so far has confirmed a few things I think we already knew about the Church.

It’s incredibly misogynistic. During the ceremony, the women have to wear veils to cover their faces. I haven’t hung out with enough Mormons recently to know their feelings on the treatment of women in the middle east and their headscarf and veil, but I would be very curious to hear about their thoughts on that, and their justification for why it’s okay in the temple if they’re opposed to the traditional Muslim burka.

I already know that Church leaders and the devout will jump to the apologist defense, saying again how the secret handshakes and passcodes are sacred and that’s why they don’t speak of it outside the walls of the temple. It’s not that it’s basically a secret society with Freemason roots. It’s holy and needs to be respected.

Yeah…..I’m done with all that. Because what’s sacred mean to them anyway? It’s just Secret, all dressed up with a fake halo it’s trying to hide behind.

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