Blurring the Line

With the recent things going on in the news, I can’t even think about the direction the country is headed without feeling that the foundation of the government is on shaky grounds. And what really blows my mind is the willful ignorance that so many seem to have about it.

This week saw a lot of movement in the government, from the ban on refugees and immigration to the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch. The latter of those two concerns me greatly. For those who haven’t been following along, here’s why.

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Judge Gorsuch has a history of being unable to see the divisive line between church and state. He was a part of the Hobby Lobby ruling that decided that corporations are people too and are entitled to religious expression at the expense of their employees. He has also accepted Christian monuments to put on public property while denying those of other viewpoints.

I’m sure that people like my father who are extremely religious will love the idea of someone like Gorsuch gaining that seat on the Supreme Court and possibly changing the past rulings on Roe v. Wade and Marriage Equality. And should he gain that seat there’s another thing on the horizon that worries me that the president has already called for.

Trump has called for a repeal of the Johnson Act. This would mean that churches (or any non-profit organization) could publicly endorse or oppose political candidates without losing their tax-exempt status. Again, I’m sure there are people who would love to see this become the law of the land, especially the GOP as they have such strong ties with the Christian demographic. Within hours of the president calling for the repeal, Congress already began drafting the proposal. That, combined with Gorsuch possibly taking the seat on the bench, I believe would head this country for disastrous results.

You combine those two, and the line between the church and state separation has the strong possibility of blurring past the point of being detectable.


4 thoughts on “Blurring the Line

  1. I understand your argument, however, the Constitution was never written to separate government from religion. The purpose was to ensure the government did not interfere in the individual practice of a citizen’s religion or decree a national religion. We have gotten away from the original intent, but judges knew what it was since the documents have always been there and the purpose of the founding fathers has never been a mystery.


  2. BTW, he has sterling qualifications. He does not believe in deciding a case in favor of what he believes but rather according to statute, case law, precedent and the original meaning of the Constitution. Read the decision, not what the media reports. I promise you will feel much better.


  3. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who wrote a letter that spelled out what he and the founding fathers meant in the constitution as it pertains to religion and the state – they were to be separate. We do not want to become a theocracy. That was made clear by the founding fathers, some of whom were atheists. The reason our democracy could be founded in the first place was through compromise, something the GOP have thrown out the window by not confirming Obama’s SCOTUS pick a year ago. Sad that we have moved so far away from the meaning of our constitution – and with SCOTUS selections such as Gorsuch we will move further from it into the GOP’s hands. When rights begin to be taken away from one group, it is only a matter of time before they are taken away from yet another, and another, and another group. We should all be afraid. Fear should motivate us to action. #NotMyPresident

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