Completing the Set

Since completing the task of reading a hundred-fifty-odd year old book, the next book on my list to read is one written by the last of the “Four Horsemen” that I hadn’t yet delved into: Daniel Dennett. I started Breaking the Spell on Wednesday, and it’s a refreshing change from Darwin’s writings. That isn’t to say that Darwin’s book wasn’t good, just that it was a very slow read for me, and this one has started much quicker.

The premise of the work is to finally break the taboo of questioning religion at all and to put it under the scientific microscope. Where did it come from? What does it mean for a society? So far it’s been quite interesting to me, and this recent bit of reading that I’ve been doing is most unusual for me, as I normally read fiction and I’ve never gotten into books that were about ideas rather than any sort of story (even nonfiction I’ve read have been stories, ie biographies so this has been quite a step away from the norm for me).

Reading these things and listening to the podcasts that I have (I started the back catalogue of The Scathing Atheist after the live GAM show, already to episode 78), I decided to do something that my mom’s been trying to get me to do for months. I decided to read my Book of Mormon again. But this time it will be with open eyes. I want to see it under the light of reality. I’m sure that my view will still be a little skewed as I was raised with it, but I’m going to do my best to take it at face value rather than through the rose-colored glasses that Mormons have when reading the book.

I think this will be particularly interesting as The Scathing Atheist just started reading it for the show, so I know I can count on them to keep me grounded in this endeavor.


2 thoughts on “Completing the Set

  1. I think reading the Book of Mormon is a good idea. I read the Bible – sections – from time to time. I’ve gotten some great story ideas that way. After all, they say it’s the greatest story ever told – story to me being fiction. Maybe you’ll get some ideas on things you’d like to write or podcast or blog about. Happy reading….

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    1. It’s been a lot faster reading this time, and interesting to notice the times that he (Nephi) has repeated himself within the same chapter (or at times, the same verse), but you’d think he’d want to be as concise as possible if writing on gold plates because that gets heavy. How big must they have been to supposedly fir 531 pages worth of text? Surely that’s heavier than any one man could have carried. Other questions are being raised as well, which I need greater research into (such as Nephi’s steel bow and Laban’s steel sword in 600BCE. Was that a technology they had in Jerusalem then?)


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