Operation: Podcast

As I mentioned in the last blog, Ris and I are going to be starting a podcast to bring this little blog into the audio world. I’ve been super excited/nervous about this, and I still don’t know where it will go or for how long, but that’s not something that I’m going to be spending time worrying about before I can even get it launched.

Saying that, today I went over to her place and we recorded the first episode! I don’t wanna give away any spoilers, so I’ll just say that she thinks it went pretty well, and pointed out something that I will need to work on so that I won’t want to strangle myself if I listen to it later. But it can be worked on, and I have faith in myself to keep it in mind the next time we record and hopefully knock that crap off.

Now comes the time to get platforms ready for the podcast launch, so I got a Facebook profile made for myself as Molly. Next steps are getting familiar with Libsyn, iTunes, and find some kind of royalty-free into/exit music. It’s so surreal that I’m going to be putting my voice into the world wide interwebs as a voice against the Church, and there’s already something that I know I will be bringing up in an upcoming show, if I make it past episode one.

So, for now, I will be cutting this short, as I have homeworks to do in order to get this new show launched. It will be posting on the Facebook page when it comes out, so you can keep up to date with our progress there!


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