GAM Live in Chicago

This last weekend was one that I’m afraid I’m still fan-girling over. Those who are following the blog’s Facebook page have seen a couple pictures as to the reason, but to those who aren’t let me tell you why I’ve been a grinning, giggly mess of girly hyperactivity. I went to Chicago with my friend Ris, her husband, and their friend Brian for the GAM (God Awful Movies) podcast Live event which had Tom and Cecil of Cognitive Dissonance joining them to subject The Right to Believe to their irreverent flavor of movie critique.

The drive out was interesting right from the car rental, as they didn’t have the economy that Ris had reserved. Long story short, they upgraded her to a sports car at the economy rate, and I spent 661 miles in the back of a Camaro. If I sat up straight my head was touching the ceiling and once the driver seat was leaned back to it’s normal spot, there was no moving my legs until the next stop. Add the fact that my stomach wasn’t feeling well because I got almost no sleep and the trip out was pretty miserable for me.

That evening, after trying to find something on the impossibly pretentious menu of the hotel’s café, Ris discovered that not a half-block over there was a used book store. We walked over and (still not feeling too good) I cut out after finding The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins. Ris found the rare and collectible books and more than just one-upped me, as she got a signed book by Richard Dawkins (also Jimmy Carter, BB King, and two others I don’t remember).

Before the show Friday night, there was a meet and greet at a pub across the street from the theater. It was so wonderful to meet other people who listen to the show, and to meet the people behind the podcasts. I’m still hoping I didn’t embarrass myself too badly when I got to meet Tom and Cecil. I think I made a bit of an impression as soon as I met them as I have a firm handshake. Add my profession and my former religion and I think I may have been an oddity amongst the crowd.

The show itself was awesome. The only other word to describe it would be hysterical. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. My stomach hurt because I was laughing so much. I know that my husband doesn’t understand my interest in the podcasts, but this was something that I would gladly and eagerly do again. I’m not sure when that episode comes out, but I would highly recommend it! All in all, I was on cloud nine. I got to attend the best comedy show I’ve ever been to, I got pictures with them, signatures from them all, and I got to hug Tom.

Once we were back, we did a quick wrap-up episode for Inciting Incident (Ris’s podcast, find it in episode 75), during which we announced…Ris and I are going to start a podcast! That’s right, Doubting Dogma will be appearing in audio form sometime soon. Details are still needing to be hammered out, but I will let you know when that will happen.


2 thoughts on “GAM Live in Chicago

    1. It was so fun. I’d love to go to ReasonCon in April, as it’s only a 7hr drive away and on my days off. It was so nice getting to meet people in the community and the feeling of acceptance and support that they offered when I told them my religious situation.

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