Lost Education

I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but I went to a charter school for my high school years, and it was one that my parents helped to form. They were both on the school board for several years, and as such they got to help pick the teachers and the curriculum. Because of this, I know that my education where science is concerned has suffered.

I always had to compartmentalize my science from my religious learnings in my mind, as even then I knew they contradicted each other. Unfortunately, I sided with the religion at the time and brushed it off as scientists didn’t have faith in god so they were trying to explain where they came from.

Evolution wasn’t spoken of, a mere whisper in the biology textbook we used. While I wasn’t enthused with biology, I otherwise loved science and took every one that my high school had to offer. Everyone had to take biology in 9th grade and chemistry in 10th, but then I went on and took geology, astronomy, and physics.

It’s this curiosity and love of learning about the world around me that has fueled my recent reading binge that, for once, isn’t fiction. Now well into my book by the third of the “Four Horsemen” I felt a trip to the bookstore was in order. I was up in the area of the closest Barnes & Noble (about 40mi from where I live) on another errand, so I just stopped by. I went with the original intent to look for a reference book on an upcoming project (more on that another time), when I started browsing the Philosophy and Anthropology shelves.

While reading The God Delusion, there was an excerpt from The Origin of Species. And while I never read that book, I recognized the line. I mentioned this last week, as I recognized the line in the Nightwish song The Greatest Show on Earth. So when I saw Darwin’s book on the shelf, I added it to the stack of books already in my hands. With a road trip planned for next weekend, I should have plenty of time to finish my current read and make good headway into this one.


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