Job vs Religious Freedom

When I browsed my Twitter this morning, I was pleased to see this article on In it, it states that Linda Summers, of Indiana, was fired from her job as a Deputy Clerk in Harrison County when she refused to process the marriage applications of same-sex couples.

So what did she do? She filed a law suit claiming that her religious freedoms were being infringed and that she was fired because of her beliefs.

I went on a rant about those trying to do this and claim that it’s their God-given right to discriminate against people in government jobs and even got into a conversation with my father about it (I touched on it in Forbidden Subjects). As you can imagine, we disagreed with each other on the subject, as he believes that even though the Supreme Court ruled on gay marriage, it’s still illegal, in that the Court can’t make laws so ordering the lower courts to provide that service is then an illegal order. (Case law and precedent….just sayin’….)

I think it’s a very good read. You can find the article here.

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3 thoughts on “Job vs Religious Freedom

  1. As a married gay man, I fear what we are going to be faced with over the next four years. Senator Sessions in charge of the DOJ scares the hell out of me. These so called Christians need to read the New Testament. Jesus said God was Love – Jesus didn’t teach hate. These people are hate mongers hiding behind the cloth like Catholic pedophile priests have done for years. Shame on them. Shame!


  2. *snicker* Marriage predates religions, and therefore no religion has claim on it; therefore, the entire debate is completely invalid, proving, yet again, that the cultists have serious cognitive issues. I mean the “religious.”


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