Resignation Pending

This will be a quick post, as I slept in later than I expected since I forgot to turn my alarm on, and I then spent too much time searching for the new box of envelopes I can’t find. (That always happens. I’ll find them once I buy another box.) Here’s how that’s relevant…

I got the letter written to send to the Mormon Church records department in order to resign my membership. I’ve come to the place that even should I pursue some form of religiosity (which I don’t think I will), I’m not going back to the Mormon Church.

I’ve also decided that it’s not something that I will share with my parents, as I don’t want them to feel like they’re failures with three of their five children leaving the church for one reason or another. My mother-in-law wonders if that will be awkward, but I doubt it will be any more so than it is now with my mom asking if I’ve been reading my Book of Mormon.

So that’s the story for the day. I’ll be stopping by the post office on the way to work to grab an envelope so I can drop the confirmation of my descent into heathanity (heathen-ness? I don’t think either of those are words, but I’ll pretend they are). It got lengthy, but if anyone is interested I can dig up the link where I got the wording, from a page that outlines how to go about resigning.

With that said, have a great week! I hope you’re more prepared for the holidays than I am!

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