I know I started this blog to talk about my spiritual journey, but I can’t help but feel that part of that is my view on the world and how we, as fellow members of the human race, should be getting along. And that leads to politics and this “huge” debacle that went down this Tuesday.

As soon as Pennsylvania flipped red, I knew it was over, and that the people chose this loud, uncouth thing to be the next president. From all over the world people were asking, “WTF America? Really?”

I was shocked. Saddened. Worried for my friends and family who are of the LGBTQ community. I didn’t stay up for his acceptance speech, as it was already after 2am on the east coast, but for at least another 30-45 minutes I laid in bed unable to sleep. I was never affected by election results like this before, even by President Obama when I was a hardcore Republican.

Wednesday I saw the highlights of the speech, and the first thing that struck me was him calling for unity. After he spent the last year and a half doing his damnedest to alienate and insult over half of the population, he wants everyone to forget his verbal barrage and play nice. The other thing that hit me was the music choice when the speech was over and he started shaking hands and moving off stage….to the tune of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Rolling Stones.

That just seemed to be in incredibly poor taste to me. A not-so-subtle thumbing of his nose to everyone that didn’t vote for him (or for that matter, for those that didn’t vote because they couldn’t stomach either candidate). The very ones that he was just trying to ask to come together as Americans.

Given where I live (Pennsyltucky) and that I work in a Republican-saturated job field, my new views are not something that I can bring up, any more than I can tell my Mormon parents that I’m reading Hitchens and listen to Cognitive Dissonance religiously (pun slightly intended). And that has got me at a loss.

When I visited the Inciting Incident Podcast last week, (episode 66, if you’re interested) I mentioned on the show that I had a coworker say to me that he couldn’t see how anyone that doesn’t believe in some sort of higher power has any way to have a moral compass because here’s this guy who drowned his infant after having an argument with the mother.

I bit my tongue.

Tonight, this same coworker said that there wasn’t a thing that Trump said during his campaign that he disagreed with.

I tried to bite my tongue.

I didn’t say much, but mentioned how I didn’t see the functionality of a full on government hiring freeze so that spending would decrease as jobs vanish through attrition. (“Reagan did it.”) I don’t believe his sincerity when he says he doesn’t want pay. (Can we give that money to the many contractors that he stiffed through the years? You know, the ones who had to close their businesses because he didn’t make good on their agreement?) And I said I doubt that he’ll make the large corporations or the ultra-rich pay more in taxes, because that wouldn’t benefit him.

Though these may be concerns voiced by anyone, even someone who voted for him, I have an honest fear of my coworkers knowing how much I loathe the man that they are singing the praises of. Being outed as liberal-leaning isn’t a healthy thing in my workplace.

I know for a fact that there are people on my Facebook that would (and have) told those who don’t agree with the President Elect to “get over it” etc, with their bobble-headed followers agreeing and saying that “Trump followers wouldn’t be protesting in the streets if Hillary had won.”

…No, they wouldn’t, because they wanted more than that. They were threatening full-on revolution. They were threatening an assassination before Hillary could even take the Oath of Office. They were ready to burn the country down.

Even with their candidate slotted to go in office, they’re still burning the place down. They’re harassing Muslim women by pulling off their hajib, with a frequency that there have been women questioning if they have to stop wearing it for their physical safety. There was a gay man who was assaulted, badly, and his bloody picture has circulated like wildfire. There’s racist vandalism in bathrooms and on walls, all in the name of Trump.

Election night, my husband read an article that speculated that Trump would be impeached within the year, and given his vulgar and offensive manor, I wouldn’t doubt it. That worries me in a whole different way, as I don’t want his running mate to ever hold the presidential reins. Pence’s history while in Indiana is enough to concern, if not anger, anyone who believes in civil rights and the separation of church and state.

This has made me want to do more. Be more active in the political landscape. But given my place of employment, I’m not sure if I can make any sort of political statements or join in any protests without my job being at stake, even though I would be participating as a private citizen and not as a representative of my organization.

So without doing that, there are things I can do. I can keep writing. It may be the quietest whisper, but it’s still a voice struggling to be heard. I can speak with my money by donating to charities and organizations that can do what I can’t. And maybe I will be able, in the future, to come out when I don’t fear for my employment or work environment should my views be known.

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4 thoughts on “Trumpocalypse?

  1. I know how you feel – at least, I know how I felt when I couldn’t come out in the workplace. My advice, don’t let them know how you feel unless you are prepared to lose your job. That is what happened to me when I finally came out. In Ollie’s post tomorrow, he’s going to ask people to begin participating in the 2018 elections in hopes to take over the Senate. If you live in a state that has a Democrate running for re-election, support that person both physically and monetarily. If you don’t live in such a state, support those Democratic Senators running in neighboring states. That’s what I did this year by helping fund Maggie Hassan’s campaing, and she beat, by 700+ votes, Kelly Ayotte – thank god. This is an example of every vote and every dollar helping. Know that I feel your pain. Nonetheless, the sun did come up on 8-Nov. It was a brand new day to begin taking over at least the Senate.

    Please keep writing. There are people out there who are reading what you have to say.

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    1. I’m an oooooold homo. The only way you could safely “come out” back in the day was if you were some kind of celebrity. Then you were at least tolerated as “artistic” or whatnot. I stayed closeted until my 50’s, not because I was ashamed of being gay, but because there was real consequences if I did. Most young folk now have grown up in a more permissive society, and don’t understand really what it was like back then. If we don’t get a political grip now, we’ll be right back where we started and it will take a lot less time to lose what it took many decades to get.

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      1. It’s terrifying to think how quickly the civil liberties that we’ve just gotten for so many can be lost incredibly quick if Trump (and Pence) get their way. I hope that Congress is more rational that they are and don’t toss us back in time while we’re waiting for the midterm elections to come around.

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    2. While I know I can’t lose my job for these views (the joy of nearly 15yrs in the system has me pretty well locked in unless I do something completely stupid), they can make the situation very unpleasant. I’m already the minority as the only woman in my department in a career field that’s dominated by men (straight white Christian Republican men, if you want to be very specific). Stirring the pot even more isn’t something I’m looking to do there. But I can speak out here and get more politically involved, which I’ve never done beyond participating in the presidential elections. First order of business will be to change my registered party affiliation.
      As always, James, it’s a pleasure getting your comments. Thank you.

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