Forbidden Subjects

It’s always said that the two things you never talk about in “polite company” is Politics and Religion. Well, since the latter is the target of my blog, why not go all the way and include some of the former as well? Especially when they get so entangled with each other that you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins. So pardon me as I vent out a few things that I have bottled up, as I couldn’t put them on my other blog.

With my religious upbringing, my family was, of course, hardcore Republicans. The first time I voted it was for W. So as the primaries came around, I took a look at the Republican candidates….of which there were many.

I won’t lie, when Donald Trump first announced his entry into the race, I was interested. I liked the idea of someone outside of all the career politicians making a go of it. And then the debates started.

Racism. Xenophobia. Misogyny. The words spewing forth from his mouth were horrifying. At the same time, there were reports from people who knew him “back in the day” about how he did some gesture of tremendous generosity. The right’s own Sean Hannity had an article about Mr. Trump sending his private jet to pick up “stranded Marines.” A little digging, however, revealed that this is untrue.

As the primary progressed, I knew that he wouldn’t drop out, or that he would need to. The Republican people were eating up his words, flooding his rallies while they salivated for the next speech of unveiled hate. At the same time, I didn’t like the other candidates that were on the Right. One of which being Senator Ted Cruz.

I really don’t know what it is about him that gave me the initial feeling of distrust, but I haven’t cared for him since the beginning. Something in his expression seems shifty and untrustworthy with a healthy dose of self-righteousness that the extremely religious always seem to have. My view of him was solidified as he stood with Kim Davis when she was released from prison after being charged with contempt.

I had an interesting conversation with my father concerning this situation, as Senator Cruz was his pick from the flock that were fighting for the nomination. It ran along the lines that when I was in the service, part of my Oath was a refusal to follow unlawful orders. His argument was that she was following this same obligation. His belief was, and is, that the Supreme Court ruling which legalized same-sex marriage was illegal. The Supreme Court doesn’t have the authority or jurisdiction to make law, he stated.

No, they don’t. But they didn’t. They didn’t have a little “Judges Only” meeting in their pillared tree house, where they sat down eating chocolate chip cookies and decided what would be a cool law to write up and pass while Congress wasn’t looking. They were presented a case that was being argued, and their ruling on it then set a precedent. At work, where I deal with the 4th Amendment regularly, we call that little thing Case Law, and it changes everything.

I’m still not sure when my view of gay marriage changed from what I was told was “right” (that it shouldn’t happen. Ever. Because….Jesus….or something) to my current view (that they should be allowed because everyone should have the right to grow old with the person of their choice). I always thought it wasn’t right that they weren’t permitted to see their partner in the hospital because the State refused to give them basic rights that would be allowed to anyone else, were they in a heterosexual relationship. That just struck me as being horribly wrong.

I can tell you that my father’s stance on it is still that “marriage was put in place by God to be between a man and a woman” etc etc. My solution would simply be, fine. Take marriage away from the government’s control. Make it a “religious institution” that God is involved in. But at the same time, take the term and rights associated with it out of the government. Make everyone have a “civil union” as the state recognized joining between adults, while “marriage” then remains a religious practice.

As the primaries came to an end and the National Conventions were held, I had an overwhelming sense of dread. I was long past thinking that Mr. Trump was even in the ballpark of being a good idea, but I’ve had an intense (indoctrinated, you could say) dislike of all things Democrat. Especially with the last name of Clinton. I decided I would vote third party or just not vote. But which one? Curious, I took a quiz to see where my views aligned in relation to the candidates. Never would I have believed that I would agree on so many issues with Senator Hillary Clinton.

And then the tapes of Mr. Trump talking about how he views women were released. My Facebook wall is still filled with those defending him. “That’s just life.” “That’s how men are.” “Guys talk that way. It doesn’t mean anything.”

I know I’m blonde and I don’t have a college degree, but when is it ever okay for the damn President of the United States to talk that way? When is it okay for a main party’s front runner to talk that way? I started taking a much closer look at Mr. Trump, and Wednesday I caught the last half of the debate.

Everything I saw told me that I can’t be passive this election. I can’t stay home with excuses of irregular work hours preventing me from getting to the polls. My views, opinions, and beliefs have evolved tremendously this year, and for the first time since I started voting, I actually put effort into researching and selecting my choice rather than just going for party lines.

I never thought I’d view Senator Clinton in any favorable light, and my knee-jerk reaction is still to revile her, but when I stop and think by looking at the issues, she’s the best bet. Even ignoring Mr. Trump’s past behavior, he doesn’t have my vote based on his stance on the issues. (Even if he does have the very best ideas, so many ideas, and he’s the only one that can make these great ideas work…)

I still have research to do before casting my ballot, but this is one issue I’m finished looking at. This election, this political circus, has taught me a lesson that I won’t soon forget.

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9 thoughts on “Forbidden Subjects

  1. On the gay marriage thing: Monotheism is a new phenomena relatively speaking. Do they imagine people didn’t pair up before “their” church existed? I support gay marriage, but I can’t for the life of me imagine why anyone would want to do it. [gay or straight]
    This has been the worst election of my lifetime. 320 million people and those were the best they could come up with? Please.

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    1. I’m not sure if they’re in willful ignorance or if it all falls under the sinning of Sodom and Gomorrah. (They are of the literal Bible variety)
      This election has made me cringe since it began. I don’t ever recall this level of hatred, vitriol, and division between the parties in any election in the past.

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  2. I hope you vote for Secretary Clinton as she is also my choice. If for no other reason than I am gay and in a loving, committed relationship (now marriage) of over thirty-seven years. The Republican Platform wants to overturn the Supreme Court ruling that gave me the same rights as straight people who marry. Voting for a third-party candidate is, in my opinion, the same as voting for Mr. Trump since the race is so close in most states. Even if you think it isn’t in the state where you reside, believe me, it is far too important to allow someone like Mr. Trump to ever become our Commander and Chief. I will be posting this weekend on my dog’s blog ( what my feelings are. Please look for it.

    Senator Cruz scares me to death. He would truly try to make our democracy a theocracy, which we are not. We need to remember that Thomas Jefferson wrote about the meaning of the constitution as being the separation of church and state. I do not want someone’s religious belief to dictate to how I should live my life.

    Please know that I am enjoying reading your blog. Thank you.

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    1. I never thought I would, but given the options and the way my views have changed recently, I will be. The First Amendment was put in for a reason, and that isn’t for Cruz or Huckabee or any others of their ilk to impose their religious convictions on the masses, and the more I hear about elected officials trying to do that, the angrier I get.

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it so far.

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  3. I’ve been loosely following the debacle that is Trump vs. the debacle that is Clinton, and until the debates my choice for president was probably canadian. however, after the appalling behavior of the Donald both in general and toward Ms. Clinton, and her “rise above the spoiled brat” attitude, Im beginning to come down hopefully in favor of Clinton. If only because she shows amazing grace under pressure and always has.
    That has to count for a huge deal, when you’re considering the powder keg the next president will be dealing with.

    However, we may have the dubious privilege of voting for Ms. Clinton as she is bundled off to court. sigh.

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    1. I’m still not altogether thrilled with the choices, but feel that Trump would be a disaster. From my understanding of the latest FBI email investigation, the ones in question this time aren’t even Clinton’s or from her server. And now Trump has his own civil court date set for December, in regards to his alleged rape of a thirteen year old. This whole election year…. Oi…


  4. Ive been ignoring politics since I was about 20, but this time around it’s been hard to do. My husband has become a rabid Trump supporter (I love him, but jeeze…) and tells me I’m ‘wasting my vote’ unless I vote for Trump. We havent discussed politics in any form since the days of Dubya.

    Oh, here’s a scenario. Our newly elected president is hauled before a judge in December, before he is even sworn in, and the outraged women he has molested and grabbed and mauled simply fill the courtroom. Picket signs abound. He looks at them, waves, and smiles and says, ‘I love you all”. And we are left with a totally unknown VP as acting president.

    Oi, indeed.


    1. His VP scares me, in that he has voted against the social issues that I have come to support (women’s rights being a big one) and all in the name of his God and Christianity. I have come to despise that reasoning by government officials and don’t want it in line to take over the White House.


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