My Demons

I love music. Growing up in the church it was said that music is the soul’s prayer, and I can still see how that would be believed. There’s something intimate, powerful, and even primal about music and the way it speaks to me. When I started this blog, I talked about the intense emotional response … More My Demons

Atheist Eyes

As I’ve made mention before, I started volunteering at a local wildlife preserve and zoo, as part of my therapy in dealing with my depression and anxiety. That and I really love animals. I didn’t originally plan on going every Friday, but that’s what it’s turned into because I can’t wait to see them again. … More Atheist Eyes

From Stigmas to Help

“I haven’t seen people being shamed for taking antidepressants. It’s a false narrative used as a rhetorical device.” I actually saw someone say this. Someone on Facebook shared an article on antidepressants and removing the stigma surrounding them, and someone made this comment. I just about saw red. That’s like saying that blacks and Hispanics … More From Stigmas to Help

Harmless Advice?

We’ve all heard them. Those know-it-alls that think they have all the answers so they feel like they can give out advice to total strangers. The “Dear Abby” columns, the Pat Roberson religious advice on TV, and the radio quacks. People phone and write in seeking advice to their problems, thinking that they can convey … More Harmless Advice?

The Little Things

Every once in a while I’m reminded how much small acts of kindness can affect someone. This past week has been quite emotional for me, my emotions running all over the place with no rhyme or reason with melancholy being the average. Odd, as I had the week off from work, but I spent much … More The Little Things

Search for Community

There’s a need that we have as members of the human race—even those of us who are introverts. Community. Interaction with other people is so important and is the reason that religious people like to say that those who attend church live longer than those who don’t. While talking with my therapist, one thing she … More Search for Community

Family Therapy

Today (well, yesterday by now, but I haven’t gone to bed yet, so it’s still today) I had my second appointment with my therapist. I filled out the evaluating quiz again, rating how often I felt anxious and depressed and the numbers confirmed what I suspected—what I’d felt—that my anxiety has gone down the barest … More Family Therapy