The Little Things

Every once in a while I’m reminded how much small acts of kindness can affect someone. This past week has been quite emotional for me, my emotions running all over the place with no rhyme or reason with melancholy being the average. Odd, as I had the week off from work, but I spent much … More The Little Things

Search for Community

There’s a need that we have as members of the human race—even those of us who are introverts. Community. Interaction with other people is so important and is the reason that religious people like to say that those who attend church live longer than those who don’t. While talking with my therapist, one thing she … More Search for Community

Family Therapy

Today (well, yesterday by now, but I haven’t gone to bed yet, so it’s still today) I had my second appointment with my therapist. I filled out the evaluating quiz again, rating how often I felt anxious and depressed and the numbers confirmed what I suspected—what I’d felt—that my anxiety has gone down the barest … More Family Therapy

Distance Recording

So last weekend marked a first for me, which I know has actually been common recently. With Ris’s move to Minnesota, I had to start learning how to piece the podcast together after a remote record, rather than just going to her house to record. Now this is something that’s been past due to figure … More Distance Recording

Church Depression

I grew up with a lot of woo in our house. My mother had shelves of essential oils, each with their own properties and purposes, so any time we’d get sick we’d be stinking from different oils that were supposed to fix our current problem. We rarely went to the doctor’s office (not even for … More Church Depression

Learning to Cope

My recent diagnosis of anxiety and depression led to calming exercises and the start of a thought journal. For the latter, I have categories I need to break them down into. Activating event, Belief/thought, Consequence (emotional and behavioral), and Dispute with evidence/rationality. My therapist said that at first it would be difficult and to do … More Learning to Cope